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Recent publications

‘Prose Redactions of the Speculum Vitae: A Textual Note’, Journal of the Early Book Society, 22 (2019), 239-45.

‘Joseph Wood and Ackworth School’, Quaker Connections, 77 (July 2019), 3-8.

‘From Antinomian to Quaker: Jeremiah Grimshaw, 1653-1721’, Journal of the Friends Historical Society , 69 (2018), 25-44

‘Verse to Prose or Prose to Verse? A Problematic Text of The Nine Points Best Pleasing to God’, in Editing and Interpretation of Middle English Texts: Essays in Honour of William Marx, ed. by Margaret Connolly and Raluca Radulescu (Brepols, 2018), pp. 191-210.

‘Grindletonianism in Manuscript and Print: The Role of Josiah Collier (1595-1677)’, The Library, VII, 19 (2018), 19-38.

Josiah Collier of Yeadon (1595-1677), West Riding Grindletonian and Disciple of Roger Brereley, Borthwick Paper, 127 (York: Borthwick Institute, University of York, 2017). 38 pp.

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